David and Oscar

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Moving on


Hey guys. I’m sorry this is SO late. I am way behind schedule with my one shots cause I’ve had a pretty busy week. Anyway, another David one shot for you here and this one was requested by http://daviddayluiz.tumblr.com/ . Enjoy :) xx

I looked around the strikingly…

Awh honey :3 I’m so glad you liked it !!!! And you’re welcome <3 x

Moving on

Hey guys. I’m sorry this is SO late. I am way behind schedule with my one shots cause I’ve had a pretty busy week. Anyway, another David one shot for you here and this one was requested by http://daviddayluiz.tumblr.com/ . Enjoy :) xx

I looked around the strikingly sparse apartment. Boxes were piled high in every corner, plastic covering wrapped carefully and protectively over the sofas, the discarded cushions thrown casually to one side. It looked so empty. So not like home - which it had been for the past year and a half. Pretty much as soon  as me and David had started dating I’d moved into his large, luxurious apartment. Temporarily at first, however as toothbrushes shifted their way over, then a few items of clothing and then eventually my own draw full of belongings we decided it sensible for me to move in altogether, especially as that was where I spent all of my time anyway, my small cramped apartment in central London having been completely abandoned. But now, a year and a half on, I was uprooting from yet another home. David, as I’m sure the whole world knows by now, had been transferred to Paris Saint-Germain, meaning his, well ‘our’, whole lives had to be transferred as well. Although I’d only been living here for 18 months there was something terribly sad about leaving as it had really become my home. I was settled and I wasn’t a person who took change very well. In all honesty it frightened me. Just as I was about to move out of the now no so ‘living’ living space to check nothing had been left in any of the other rooms a beam of light, which had broken through the thick, dark rain clouds which sat heavily over the city, shone through one of the floor to ceiling glass windows, hitting the glass of a photo frame which sat on top of one of the packing boxes. I went over to the pile, stretching on my tip toes to retrieve the frame from the top of them, which is quite a task for someone who is on the small side. I brushed a little dust from the glass, letting out a small sneeze in the process and then looked at the photo inside. It was a photo of me and David in the exact room I was standing in now. It had been taken by Oscar on the day I’d officially moved in. I had a bouquet of extravagant, brightly coloured flowers in one arm, my other wrapped tightly around David’s waist, my head resting on his shoulder. Huge smiles were plastered on both of our faces. A wave of nostalgia surged through me and it wasn’t for a few moments that I realised my eyes had filled with tears, some now escaping and sliding their way down my cheeks. My initial thought was to wipe them away as quickly as possible, but for some reason I just couldn’t bring my self to. Maybe I was in the mood for some self pity. I was still staring at the photo in my hands as I felt two strong, muscular arms wrap around my waist. I turned around in his arms to face him. As he saw my tear stained cheeks and red, watery eyes David’ face quickly took on a look of concern. “What’s wrong Klimentina ?” he said, tightening his grip around my waist. I shook my head wiping at my cheeks to remove any residue tears and then turned the photo round to show him. His eyes wandered over it, his lips turning up in a small smile. “Amazing memories” he said, before turning his eyes back to mine. I nodded, “that’s the point” I said, swallowing hard to choke back a swarm of fresh tears. “We’ve had so many good memories here, it really feels like my home and … I’m just going to miss it so much. I’m going to miss how we were, here, so much.” I finished the sentence rather quickly in order to get my words out without crying. I didn’t want to start that again. David paused as if he was considering something, before removing one hand from around my waist and bringing it up so he could stroke his thumb lightly over my cheek. “I’m going to miss it too” he said softly, “however by that I mean the apartment, but not how ‘we were’” he added. My feeling of utter confusion must have been evident on my face as David quickly began to explain. “I’m not going to miss ‘how we were’ because even though we’ll be in a completely different county, city, home, everything … we’re still going to be the same people. That means nothing will change between us, because our feelings for each other aren’t going to change. If anything, it’ll make us stronger. I love you Klimentina and a new home won’t change that. Nothing will ever be able to change that.” Before I had chance to reply or, thankfully, the chance to let the happy tears build up David had, in one smooth movement, moved his mouth down to meet mine. I wrapped my arms tightly around his torso as his hands tightening on my waist. When we finally and regrettably pulled away and I had managed to regain my composure, I looked up to meet Davids eyes. “I love you too David” I said. In that moment it was clear that no matter where we went or where life took us, we’d be together through it all. That was all I needed to know.

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Long, hot summer



Hey guys, so here’s another David one shot, sorry it’s taken me so long to get it up but I’ve been super busy and on top of all that I burnt myself really badly on Friday night and had to end up going in to hospital to get it sorted so it’s been a bit of a crazy weekend over all, but hopefully…

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Thanks so much honey <3 And you’re very welcome :)

Long, hot summer

Hey guys, so here’s another David one shot, sorry it’s taken me so long to get it up but I’ve been super busy and on top of all that I burnt myself really badly on Friday night and had to end up going in to hospital to get it sorted so it’s been a bit of a crazy weekend over all, but hopefully this one shot is enjoyable. This one was requested by http://aleandrica.tumblr.com/ , enjoy :) xx

I lay, eyes closed, dark shades covering my eyes and dulling the bright, intense glare of the sun which was beating down on me, making the droplets of water fresh from the pool glisten against my newly tanned skin. Summer was by far my favourite time of the year, and Marrakech, I had decided, was the best place to be in order to enjoy it. We’d only been in Morocco a couple of days, fresh out of world cup disappointment, however the holiday was more than making up for it and had well and truly succeeded in brightening our moods. It must be something to do with those endorphins in the sun, I thought. I breathed out lazily, smiling to myself as I continued to absorb the extreme heat and I let my body relax further into the material of the sun lounger. I was so relaxed that it took me a few seconds to notice the drops of water that were falling continuously onto my chest. I screwed up my face at the feel of the cold liquid in direct contrast to the heat of my skin and slowly opened my eyes beneath my sunglasses. A mop of curly hair now plastered down from swimming greeted my gaze, a grin accompanying it. “You weren’t asleep were you, Aleksandra ?” David asked, rolling his eyes and laughing as I swatted at him with my hand. “No” I said defensively, “I was merely relaxing until you disturbed me” I finished, sticking my tongue out at him so he knew I was joking. David laughed his sing song, infectious laugh once more before moving round to the left side of my lounger and nudging me with his elbow so I’d move up and let him perch beside me. He rested a hand on top of my head, his fingers going to play in my hair and I sighed in contentment. A cloud moved across the sky sluggishly, blocking the sunlight as it did so, providing a slight relief from the intense heat. I took my sunglasses off and turned my head to look at David, our eyes meeting at exactly the same moment. He smiled down at me before leaning his head towards mine, our lips meeting in a soft, gentle kiss. The perks of having a private villa, eh? When we pulled away he let his hand linger on my cheek for a second, trailing his fingers across the bone. “You really should wear a bikini more often” he said, a cheeky and mischievous look taking over his features, making me burst out into a fit of laughter. “I think London is a little cold, and I doubt Paris is going to be much better” I said once I had recovered. He laughed too before suddenly pulling me up out of my sun lounger so we were both standing, face to face. He did this so smoothly and swiftly that it caught me completely off guard, causing me to let out a reflex squeal. David caught my waist in his firm grip to steady me on my feet, but instead of moving them away once I had found my balance, he twined them further around so they were clasped together at the base of my spine. I looked up at his face which was so far away from mine due to the height difference, my eyes squinting slightly as the cloud which had covered the sun began to make its exit. David smiled rather thoughtfully down at me, causing me to scrunch up my face further in what I hoped was visibly a questioning look. “I was just thinking about how beautiful you are” David said, not only answering my questioning expression but also justifying that he had understood that expression perfectly, we were so in tune. I felt a little heat spread across my cheeks which I hoped wasn’t too obviously rosy, however this was clearly not the case as a smirk began playing on David’s lips suggesting my blush was all too evident. I opened my mouth to thank him, but before I got a chance his lips were back on mine, rather more urgently and passionately than before, not that I was complaining. When we were finally forced to break away due to lack of oxygen, David leaned his forehead down to rest against mine. “I knew you were going to try and thank me, because you always do, but there is no need to thank me. It’s not me that makes you beautiful after all” he said, producing one of his most swoon worthy, knee weakening smiles. “I love you Aleksandra” he said, moving a strand of stray hair from my face and placing a quick kiss on the tip of my nose. I smiled up at him through the glare of the beating sun, “I love you more David” I said with a wink causing him to laugh heartily. “No, I definitely love you more” he replied, but before I had time to argue he engulfed me in a bear hug, meaning any protests I may have made would have been rendered useless. Instead I merely let myself be overtaken by the warmth and tranquillity of not only the sun and the heat, but also of the feeling of David’s strong, muscular arms wrapped tightly around me. This really was turning out to be one long, hot summer.