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Long, hot summer



Hey guys, so here’s another David one shot, sorry it’s taken me so long to get it up but I’ve been super busy and on top of all that I burnt myself really badly on Friday night and had to end up going in to hospital to get it sorted so it’s been a bit of a crazy weekend over all, but hopefully…

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Thanks so much honey <3 And you’re very welcome :)

Long, hot summer

Hey guys, so here’s another David one shot, sorry it’s taken me so long to get it up but I’ve been super busy and on top of all that I burnt myself really badly on Friday night and had to end up going in to hospital to get it sorted so it’s been a bit of a crazy weekend over all, but hopefully this one shot is enjoyable. This one was requested by http://aleandrica.tumblr.com/ , enjoy :) xx

I lay, eyes closed, dark shades covering my eyes and dulling the bright, intense glare of the sun which was beating down on me, making the droplets of water fresh from the pool glisten against my newly tanned skin. Summer was by far my favourite time of the year, and Marrakech, I had decided, was the best place to be in order to enjoy it. We’d only been in Morocco a couple of days, fresh out of world cup disappointment, however the holiday was more than making up for it and had well and truly succeeded in brightening our moods. It must be something to do with those endorphins in the sun, I thought. I breathed out lazily, smiling to myself as I continued to absorb the extreme heat and I let my body relax further into the material of the sun lounger. I was so relaxed that it took me a few seconds to notice the drops of water that were falling continuously onto my chest. I screwed up my face at the feel of the cold liquid in direct contrast to the heat of my skin and slowly opened my eyes beneath my sunglasses. A mop of curly hair now plastered down from swimming greeted my gaze, a grin accompanying it. “You weren’t asleep were you, Aleksandra ?” David asked, rolling his eyes and laughing as I swatted at him with my hand. “No” I said defensively, “I was merely relaxing until you disturbed me” I finished, sticking my tongue out at him so he knew I was joking. David laughed his sing song, infectious laugh once more before moving round to the left side of my lounger and nudging me with his elbow so I’d move up and let him perch beside me. He rested a hand on top of my head, his fingers going to play in my hair and I sighed in contentment. A cloud moved across the sky sluggishly, blocking the sunlight as it did so, providing a slight relief from the intense heat. I took my sunglasses off and turned my head to look at David, our eyes meeting at exactly the same moment. He smiled down at me before leaning his head towards mine, our lips meeting in a soft, gentle kiss. The perks of having a private villa, eh? When we pulled away he let his hand linger on my cheek for a second, trailing his fingers across the bone. “You really should wear a bikini more often” he said, a cheeky and mischievous look taking over his features, making me burst out into a fit of laughter. “I think London is a little cold, and I doubt Paris is going to be much better” I said once I had recovered. He laughed too before suddenly pulling me up out of my sun lounger so we were both standing, face to face. He did this so smoothly and swiftly that it caught me completely off guard, causing me to let out a reflex squeal. David caught my waist in his firm grip to steady me on my feet, but instead of moving them away once I had found my balance, he twined them further around so they were clasped together at the base of my spine. I looked up at his face which was so far away from mine due to the height difference, my eyes squinting slightly as the cloud which had covered the sun began to make its exit. David smiled rather thoughtfully down at me, causing me to scrunch up my face further in what I hoped was visibly a questioning look. “I was just thinking about how beautiful you are” David said, not only answering my questioning expression but also justifying that he had understood that expression perfectly, we were so in tune. I felt a little heat spread across my cheeks which I hoped wasn’t too obviously rosy, however this was clearly not the case as a smirk began playing on David’s lips suggesting my blush was all too evident. I opened my mouth to thank him, but before I got a chance his lips were back on mine, rather more urgently and passionately than before, not that I was complaining. When we were finally forced to break away due to lack of oxygen, David leaned his forehead down to rest against mine. “I knew you were going to try and thank me, because you always do, but there is no need to thank me. It’s not me that makes you beautiful after all” he said, producing one of his most swoon worthy, knee weakening smiles. “I love you Aleksandra” he said, moving a strand of stray hair from my face and placing a quick kiss on the tip of my nose. I smiled up at him through the glare of the beating sun, “I love you more David” I said with a wink causing him to laugh heartily. “No, I definitely love you more” he replied, but before I had time to argue he engulfed me in a bear hug, meaning any protests I may have made would have been rendered useless. Instead I merely let myself be overtaken by the warmth and tranquillity of not only the sun and the heat, but also of the feeling of David’s strong, muscular arms wrapped tightly around me. This really was turning out to be one long, hot summer.

Cambridge University Press did curious study, analyzing the words and concepts more often associated to each selection present in this World Cup.

Uruguay though :&#8217;)
Cambridge University Press did curious study, analyzing the words and concepts more often associated to each selection present in this World Cup.

Uruguay though :’)

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They so cute though :3

They so cute though :3

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I like it like that

Hi guys :) So here’s another one shot for you, a David one once again. I decided to write it today partly because I had time but partly because it’s based sort of around the match tonight so I figured it fit rather well. This one was requested by http://r-morata21.tumblr.com/ . I hope you guys enjoy it and remember if you want a one shot just message me with your name, the name of the footballer you want in the one shot and also if you have anything you specifically want the one shot to be based etc. Xx

I was awoken by a dull stream of sunlight bursting through a crack in the heavy, velvet lined curtains, which seemed to intensify with every second that went by, eventually forcing me to open my eyes as the sun became hot and uncomfortable on my lids. I blinked a number of times, trying to rid myself of the drowsy blur of sleep which had rested over my vision. I looked around the hotel room, most of it still in early morning dullness, the only brightness being the spotlight of sun which had dragged me from my content state of sleep. I screwed my eyes up against the glare of the sun, starting to get rather angry that I had been woken up at such a ridiculous time, my phone screen showing 6:45am and seeming to stare at me rather smugly, that is until my gaze wandered slowly to my right. A mass of curly hair was splattered across the pillow, framing an angelic face which had a look of pure peacefulness across it. My boyfriend really was one of life’s beauty sleepers. I sat for a number of minutes, just looking at him, before grabbing my phone and checking for any new messages. “I won’t wake him” I thought, he just looked too comfortable, it’d be like waking a baby - pure evil in other words. However shortly after this thought had entered and left my mind I felt a pair of warm, strong arms wrap gently around my waist, causing me to turn away from my phone sharply. A beautiful smile greeted me. “Morning meu amor” David said, nuzzling his face into my shoulder as he did so and kissing the bare skin below the strap of my tank top. “Morning”, I replied softly moving my hand to one of his curls and pulling at it lightly, I couldn’t help it, they’re too cute, especially when still messy and untamed from sleep. He laughed quietly, swatting my hand away and bringing his face away from shoulder so it was on a level with my own. I made a faux pout which made him laugh further, however he slowly brought a hand up to my face and traced an unknown pattern into the hollow of my cheek, my pout quickly fading and being replaced by a small smile. David smiled back, before removing his hand and sighing deeply. “What’s wrong, David ?” I ask, furrowing my eyebrows slightly in concern. “I’m just already nervous for tonight’s game” David said letting his eyes wander across the large room before bringing them back to meet mine. His eyes truly were something extraordinary. “I just think we owe it to the Brazilian people, and to Neymar of course, to get at least third place. We have some making up to do” he said, sighing again and closing his eyes for the briefest of seconds. “I also  I owe it to you, Sayde” he finished in a small voice, looking away. A rush of pride and pure love streamed through my body, heating up my blood and causing a deep pink colour to flush my cheeks. “David, you don’t owe me anything” I said, resting my arm casually on his shoulder and tracing my finger slowly down his bare torso (the prominence of those muscles makes me melt everytime I see them, which is a lot considering he’s my boyfriend. Lucky me.) He slowly moved his face back around to look at me, his curls shifting on the pillow as he did so and bouncing as he propped himself up on his elbows. He smiled, his eyes twinkling, not because of the sunlight through the curtains but because sometimes when he smiled at me, that just happened. It was sort of magical. He traced a hand slowly, from the top of my forehead, down my face, resting briefly on the tip of my nose, before descending lower until his fingers rested lightly on my lips in a rather suggestive manner as his allowed his gaze to also rest there. I was about to say something witty about this scenario, but didn’t get a moment to do so before David removed his fingers from my lips and landed his own lips on to mine in one quick, smooth movement. The feel of his lips crushing mine sent a shiver through my body, as it so often did, and I pulled myself closer to him almost in urgency as if he was my source of oxygen. I opened my mouth ever so lightly to allow his tongue to enter and wrestle with my own. After a good, no scrap that amazing, few minutes we pulled away, breathing rather more deeply and raggedly than before, a smile both more than evident on our faces. “Before you started being your modest, supportive self you never let me explain to you how I was going to make this World Cup disaster up to you” he said with a smirk. “We’ll win third place for the people and for Neymar, but for you I though that would be a sufficient way” he said, his smirk widening. I adopted a look of mock shock, bringing a hand to my chest to show faux offence, “you don’t think I’m that easy, do you Luiz ?” I asked. He chuckled, throwing his head back like a kid as he did so. “Yes, I do Sayde” he replied, before moving even closer to me until we were practically nose to nose. “But you know I like it like that” he said mischievously, and with that he forced our lips back together as we both allowed the passion to over take us, the fluffy duvet engulfing us both in the process.